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    English Name: Rutin,Sophora Japonica Extract,Rutoside Botanical Source: Scphora japonica L. Specification: 95% NF11 by UV CAS No.: 153-18-4
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1) anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effect

2) inhibite aldose reductase

3) antioxidant,scavenge free radicals

4) vitamin P-like

5) inhibits platelet aggregation


Rutin is natural sunscreen and used widely in medicine.It may have a veterinary use in the management of chylothorax in dogs and cats.

Basic Information

1)English Name: Rutin,Sophora Japonica Extract,Rutoside

2)Botanical Source: Scphora japonica L.

3)Specification: 95% NF11 by UV

4)CAS No.: 153-18-4

5)Molecular Formula: C27H30O16

6)Molecular Weight : 610.51

7)Used Part : Flower

8)Appearance: Light Yellow Powder

9)Mesh Size: 80 Mesh


Store it in the cool and dry place.Keep it from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life

24 months when it is stored properly