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    Tannic Acid

    Other name: Acidum tannicum Botanical Source: Gallnut CAS No.: 1401-55-4 Specification: food grade 96%,industry grade 81%
Product Details

Tannic Acid




3)for aquatic animals,avoid bacterial infection

4)leather tanning agent, mordant, rubber peptizer


Use of tannic acid in food applications is far more widespread and significant amounts are used as process aids in beer clarification, aroma compound in soft drinks and juices. Equally important are applications in the wine industry, where it finds use as a natural clarifying agent,       colour stabilizer and taste enhancer.

Tannic acid applied directly can treat diaper rash, prickly heat, poison ivy, ingrown toenails, skin rashes and to stop bleeding.

Basic Information

1)English name: Tannic acid

Other name: Acidum tannicum

2)Botanical Source: Gallnut

3)CAS No.: 1401-55-4

4)Molecular Formula: C76H52O46

Molecular Weight: 1701.20

5)Specification: food grade 96%,industry grade 81%

6)Appearance: light yellow to light brown amorphous powder

7)Mesh size: 80 Mesh


Store it in the cool and dry place.Keep it from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life

24 months when it is stored properly