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    English Name:Bromelain Specification:500,000 u/g 800,000 u/g 1200,000 u/g Appearance:Light yellow or white powder Package: 1Kg/bag or 25Kg/Drum
Product Details


1)used in food processing:baked food,tenderize meat
2)used in medicine and health care product:inhibit the growth of tumor cells,
prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases,anti-inflammatory,enhance drug absorption
3)used in cosmetics:skin care,whiten
4)used in feed:improve the utilization and conversion of protein greatly

Basic Information
1)English Name:Bromelain
2)Specification:500,000 u/g  800,000 u/g  1200,000 u/g
3)Appearance:Light yellow or white powder
4)Mesh Size: 80 Mesh

Store it in the cool and dry place.Keep it from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life
24 months when it is stored properly