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Product Details

1) keep water of the skin,fill the gap of skin reticular tissue,enhance the skin\\\\\\\'s structure and volume,play the effect of skin care beauty 
2) cell proliferation and differentiation to provide a suitable venue directly promote cell growth, differentiation,reconstruction and repair,used in the wound repair
3) major component of skin used in tissue repair 
4) food grade can be used in food

Hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient in skin-care products and also used in the medicine and food.

Basic Information
1)English Name Hyaluronic Acid
2)Active Ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate,Glucuronic Acid
3)Specification Hyaluronic Acid with different 
Molecular Weight(1.0 × 105Da,5.0 × 105Da,1.0 × 106Da)
4)CAS No. 9004-61-9
5)Molecular Formula C28H44N2O23
6)Molecular Weight 776.6486
7)Appearance White powder