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    Konjac Gum

    English Name:Konjac Gum Mesh Size:120-200 mesh Viscosity:≥18000/30000/36000 mpa.s Package:1Kg/bag or 25Kg/Drum
Product Details

Konjac Gum

Konjac Gum is a low calorie, low protein, high dietary fiber foods and rich in the human body needed a dozen amino acids and trace elements. It has the effect on hypertension, obesity, diabetes, constipation and the prevention of colon cancer. Also it has a water-soluble, thickening, stability, suspension, gel, film, bonding and other physical and chemical properties. 

The active ingredient of Konjac Gum glucomannan (KGM) is not only as a food additive used in food processing, but also has an important role in agriculture, medicine and other industries .
Glucomannan Powder is extracted from Konjac with white in physical appearance with no odor. It has high viscosity and transparency, and can be quickly dissolved. It is a fiber-like substance traditionally used in food recipes, but now it is utilized as an alternative means of weight loss. Along with this benefit, konjac extract powder contains other benefits for other rest of the body as well. 

Konjac Gum as the thickener and stabilizer can be added to jelly, jam, vegetable juice, ice cream and other cold drinks, solid drink, seasoning powder and soup powder.

Basic Information
1) English Name: Konjac Gum
2) Mesh Size:120-200 mesh
3) Viscosity:≥18000/30000/36000 mpa.s
4) SO2:≤0.6/0.3/0.1/0.2 g/kg
5) Pb:≤1.0 mg/kg
6) As:≤0.5 mg/kg
7) PH:6-7
8) ASH:≤2.8%/2.0%
9) Moisture:≤ 11%/10%
10) KGM:≥85%/90%/95%/92%

Store it in the cool and dry place.Keep it from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life
24 months when it is stored properly