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    White Willow Bark Extract

    Botanical Source: Salix babylonicaL. Specification: 15%-98% Salicin by HPLC CAS No.: 84082-82-6 Package: 1Kg/bag or 25Kg/Drum
Product Details

White Willow Bark Extract

1)Natural aspirin,used to treat fever, cold and infection
2)Relieve headaches,ease pain associated with inflammatory conditions like rheumatism, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome

White willow bark extract is used in the pharmaceutical.

Basic Information
1)English name: White Willow Bark Extract,Salicin
2)Botanical Source: Salix babylonicaL.
3)Specification: 15%-98% Salicin by HPLC
4)CAS No.: 84082-82-6
5)Molecular Formula: C13H18O7
6)Molecular Weight : 286.27
7)Used Part : Bark
8)Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
9)Mesh size: 80 Mesh

Store it in the cool and dry place.Keep it from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life
24 months when it is stored properly