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    Carnosic Acid

    English Name: Carnosic acid Botanical Source:Rosemary Specification:20% 30% 95% CAS No.:3650-09-7
Product Details

Carnosic Acid

1)apply to oil soluble antioxidant
2)used in the seasoning sauce, pet food and feed
3)strong weight loss and decrease blood fat effect
4)anti-aging effect
5)treat cardiovascular disease

Basic Information
1)English Name: Carnosic acid
2)Botanical Source:Rosemary  
3)Specification:20% 30% 95%
4)CAS No.:3650-09-7 
5)Molecular Formula:C20H28O4 
6)Molecular Weight:332.43392
7)Appearance: Yellow powder
8)Mesh Size: 80 Mesh

Store it in the cool and dry place.Keep it from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life
24 months when it is stored properly