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    Name:Matcha,Shade grown Steamed green,grounded from tencha,green tea powder Soluble in water:green,foam after stir Taste:fresh,little bitter, nice aftertaste Package:50g,80g or 1kg /bag
Product Details


Basic Information

Appearance:green powder
Soluble in water:green,foam after stir
Taste:fresh,little bitter, nice aftertaste
Particle size:1000 mesh
1)50g or 80g/bag,kraft bag with PVC bag inside,sealed
2)1kg/bag,self-sealing aluminum foil bag
3)OEM package(M.O.Q.needed)
Storage:dry,low temperature,sealed
Shelf Life:18 months


Matcha is high value food;it retains 500 kinds of ingredient in green tea.It is super micro powder by further processed green tea.
There is high nutritional ingredient in green tea,but only 35% can be soluble in water.Most of the insoluble effective ingredient is thrown away   as the tea dust.It is proved that consuming matcha can take more nutrition than brewing green tea.One cup of matcha is equivalent to twenty   cups of brewed green tea in terms of nutritional value.

Shade grown -> Steamed green -> Dried tea -> Tencha -> Matcha

Lose weight and keep fit
Beauty and remove acne
Rich in anti-aging antioxidants
Full of cancer-fighting catechins and EGCG
A natural mood enhancer & an energy booster
Unparalleled nutrition in a single serving


thick tea: 4 grams of matcha with 60CC of hot water
thin tea: 2 grams of matcha with 60CC of hot water
2)Widely used
Matcha is no additives,no preservatives and no artificial color.It is used in food,cosmetics and health care products as nutrient supplement      and natural pigment:

Food: matcha mooncake,matcha cookie,matcha seed,matcha ice cream,matcha noodle,matcha chocolate,matcha cake,matcha bread,
matcha jelly,matcha candy,matcha pudding etc.
Beverage: canned drink,matcha solid drink,matcha milk,matcha yoghourt,matcha latte etc.
Cosmetics: beauty product,matcha facial mask,matcha pressed powder,matcha soap,matcha shampoo etc.
3)Further more
a)the toothpaste with matcha can avoid the damage of tooth enamel and keep the breath lasting fresh
b)add matcha into finished milk or yoghourt,the preservation period can be doubled
c)drink the green tea added matcha can prevent gastrointestinal diseases
d)the cellulose in matcha is 52.8 times of spinach and 28.4 times of celery,liked by woman